Ultimate Guide to the Best Roomba Model for Your Needs

Comparing Roomba Models

When it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, iRobot’s Roomba series has become synonymous with innovation and convenience. With a variety of models available in the market, choosing the perfect Roomba for your home can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll be comparing Roomba models to help you make an informed decision and find the ideal iRobot vacuum that suits your needs and budget.

Are you tired of spending hours vacuuming your home, only to find dust and dirt lingering in every corner? Say hello to the world of Roomba – your ticket to a cleaner home with minimal effort. Comparing Roomba models is essential for anyone looking to invest in a robotic vacuum cleaner, as each model comes with distinct features and capabilities. From budget-friendly options to advanced cleaning systems, there’s a Roomba for every household. Let’s dive into the world of Roomba and explore what each model has to offer.

Roomba 600 Series: The Budget-Friendly Choice for Everyday Cleaning

For those looking for an affordable yet effective robotic vacuum cleaner, the Roomba 600 series is an excellent starting point. These entry-level models, such as the Roomba 614, 675, and 690, offer basic features like a 3-stage cleaning system and intelligent navigation, ensuring your floors are free from dirt, dust, and debris.

The 600 series models also come equipped with dual multi-surface brushes that work together to pick up particles on both carpets and hard floors. While they may lack advanced features like smart mapping or automatic dirt disposal, they still provide a thorough clean on various surfaces and are perfect for smaller homes or apartments.

Our top pick for this category is the iRobot Roomba 675. This budget-friendly model offers a solid set of features, including Wi-Fi connectivity, app control, and compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. It also has a 3-stage cleaning system and a runtime of up to 90 minutes.

Roomba 800 Series: Improved Performance and AeroForce Technology

The Roomba 800 series, which includes models like the 890 and 891, brings significant improvements over the 600 series. These vacuums feature iRobot’s patented AeroForce 3-Stage Cleaning System, which provides up to 5x the air power for more efficient dirt and debris pick-up.

Additionally, the 800 series models boast tangle-free extractors, ensuring hair and other debris won’t get caught in the brushes. With app control and voice assistant compatibility, these Roombas are perfect for those who desire more control and customization in their robotic vacuum.

Roomba e Series: Enhanced Performance and Pet-Friendly Cleaning

The Roomba e series, which includes the popular e5 model, is designed with pet owners in mind. Boasting a high-efficiency filter and improved pick-up performance, these vacuums effectively tackle pet hair, dander, and allergens. The e5 stands out for its powerful suction and washable dustbin, making maintenance a breeze.

The e series also features a unique brush design that reduces tangling, ensuring optimal performance when dealing with pet hair. With rubberized dual multi-surface brushes, these Roombas can handle carpets and hard floors with ease, making them an ideal choice for pet-friendly households.

Our top pick for this series is the iRobot Roomba e5. The Roomba e5 is a great option for pet owners, as its high-efficiency filter captures pet hair and allergens effectively. The model also features a 3-stage cleaning system, Wi-Fi connectivity, and app control.

Roomba 900 Series: Advanced Navigation, Smart Mapping, and Superior Cleaning

If you’re seeking a more advanced robotic vacuum, the Roomba 900 series offers impressive features like smart mapping and intelligent navigation. The Roomba 960 and 980 models use iAdapt 2.0 Navigation technology to map your home and clean more efficiently. This technology allows the robot to adapt to your home’s layout and avoid obstacles, ensuring a thorough clean every time.

With the added benefit of app control and voice assistant compatibility, these Roombas are perfect for those who desire more control and customization. The 900 series also features Carpet Boost technology, which automatically increases suction power on carpets for a deeper clean.

Roomba i Series: Premium Cleaning, Smart Mapping, and Automatic Dirt Disposal

The Roomba i series, which includes the i3, i3+, i7, and i7+ models, raises the bar when it comes to cleaning capabilities. These vacuums boast advanced features like Imprint Smart Mapping, allowing the robot to learn the layout of your home and adapt its cleaning strategy accordingly. This technology ensures your Roomba cleans more efficiently and effectively, even in complex environments.

Out top picks for these series, the iRobot Roomba i7+ and iRobot Roomba i3+ EVO models also come with Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal, ensuring a hands-free cleaning experience. When the robot’s dustbin is full, it returns to the Clean Base, where the dirt is automatically transferred into a disposable bag. This feature eliminates the need for frequent dustbin emptying and provides a truly low-maintenance cleaning solution.

Roomba s Series: The Ultimate in Robotic Vacuum Technology for a Spotless Home

For those who want the best of the best, the Roomba s series is the pinnacle of iRobot’s technology. The s9 and s9+ models offer superior suction power and intelligent navigation, thanks to their advanced vSLAM technology. With features like PerfectEdge Technology, these vacuums can reach tight corners and edges with ease, ensuring no spot is left untouched.

Our top pick for these series, the iRobot Roomba s9+ model also includes automatic dirt disposal, making it the ultimate choice for a truly hands-free cleaning experience. With unmatched performance and convenience, the s series is perfect for those who demand the best from their robotic vacuum cleaner.

Bottom Line:

In conclusion, comparing Roomba models is crucial to finding the perfect robotic vacuum cleaner for your home. Consider factors such as budget, cleaning performance, and advanced features when making your decision. No matter which Roomba you choose, you’ll be investing in a reliable and convenient cleaning solution that will save you time and effort in maintaining a spotless home.

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