Discover the Best 5 Latest Under-Desk Ellipticals of 2024

Under-Desk Ellipticals

Staying active while juggling a busy schedule can be a challenge, but with the right equipment, it doesn’t have to be. Our guide to the best under-desk ellipticals of 2024 provides an ideal solution to incorporate exercise seamlessly into your daily routine. Whether you’re working from home or in an office, these low-impact fitness machines offer an effective way to improve circulation, burn calories, and enhance overall health without interrupting your productivity.

1: DeskCycle Under Desk Elliptical Machine – Compact Mini Elliptical Cardio Machine

Best under-desk ellipticals; DeskCycle Under Desk Elliptical Machine

Exercise and work no longer have to be mutually exclusive activities, thanks to the DeskCycle Under Desk Elliptical Machine. As one of the best under-desk ellipticals on the market, it offers a unique way to stay active, even during your busiest workdays.

Designed with the modern telecommuter in mind, the DeskCycle elliptical offers an efficient way to burn calories, increase energy levels, and reduce stress, all from the comfort of your workspace. Its “whisper” quiet operation ensures that you can work out without disturbing your colleagues or breaking your concentration.

One of the standout features of this elliptical machine is its range of resistant motion. With eight resistance levels, it is suited for all fitness levels and can adapt as your strength improves. It can track up to 10,000 minutes of activity, giving you an excellent overview of your progress.

Its smart design allows it to fit under low desks or coffee tables, offering you flexibility in where you choose to use it. The larger foot pedals provide ample room for comfortable positioning, making it an ideal choice for extended periods of use.

Assembling the DeskCycle elliptical is a breeze, and with a built-in display monitor, tracking your calories burned and distance covered has never been easier. Plus, it’s made from robust steel and high-impact plastic, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Whether you’re looking to add some movement to your workday or searching for the perfect gift for a fitness enthusiast, the DeskCycle Under Desk Elliptical Machine is a worthy contender. It makes it possible to turn your work time into workout time, all while maintaining a low-profile under your desk. With this fitness tool, you can make strides towards a healthier lifestyle without missing a beat in your professional life.

2: Cubii JR2 Under Desk Elliptical – Bike Pedal Exerciser with LCD Fitness Tracker

Cubii JR2 Under Desk Elliptical

Making fitness a part of your daily routine can be challenging, especially if you’re working from home. The Cubii JR2 Under Desk Elliptical aims to change that, offering an innovative solution that helps you stay active while seated at your desk.

Modelled on an under-desk bike, treadmill, and pedal exerciser, the Cubii JR2 is designed to let you burn calories, get fit, and exercise without interrupting your work schedule. This low-impact elliptical provides a smooth workout experience, minimising the stress on your joints that other machines might cause.

The machine is equipped with an LCD Display Fitness Tracker, keeping you informed of your progress. It conveniently tracks your calories burned, strides, distance, and time, allowing you to monitor your fitness journey closely. For a more comprehensive tracking, you can manually input your stats into the Cubii Mobile App.

What makes the Cubii JR2 stand out is its focus on accessibility and convenience. With its magnetic resistance mechanism, you can choose from eight resistance levels to suit your fitness needs. Its compact dimensions (45.2D x 62W x 22.3H cm) mean it will fit comfortably under most desks, and its lightweight (22.6 pounds) design ensures it can be moved with ease.

This elliptical machine is not only a fantastic tool for those looking to stay active while working from home but also an excellent fitness gift for parents or grandparents. The low-impact workout and boost in leg circulation make it suitable and safe for all ages.

When comparing the Cubii JR2 with other under-desk exercise equipment such as under-desk bike pedal exercisers, treadmills, or stair steppers, it shines with its unique blend of convenience, low-impact movement, and effective calorie burn. It is a standout choice for anyone looking to integrate fitness seamlessly into their daily routines.

3: Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Portable Elliptical Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Portable Elliptical Machine

If you’re seeking an under-desk elliptical machine that merges convenience with a high-performance workout, the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Portable Elliptical Machine is a fantastic option.

Whether you’re rehabilitating from an injury, recovering from a recent illness, or trying to stay active amidst a busy schedule, this under-desk elliptical trainer offers fully automated workouts. Its motorized design gives you the flexibility to set your pace or choose from one of the three preset programs for a ‘set it and forget it’ workout experience.

The Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical is constructed with a sturdy design featuring durable polyurethane roller wheels, engineered to provide a smooth glide for comfortable under-desk workouts. It also comes with an optimally located digital monitor to keep you informed of your current performance and help you stay on track with your fitness goals.

The standout feature of this elliptical is its adjustable speed settings. With 18 different speed levels or RPMs, you can easily customize the intensity of your workout. Furthermore, you can pedal forwards to engage your quads or backwards to condition your hamstrings, allowing for a tailored workout experience.

One feature that sets this machine apart is its safety measures. The elliptical will automatically stop if tilted, overheated, or if it detects any obstruction or operational issues, ensuring a safe workout environment.

Another great addition to this elliptical is its remote controller. You can adapt and regulate your workouts to your fitness goals or your mood of the day. This added convenience lets you change your workouts at the touch of a button.

The compact dimensions (46.7D x 57.9W x 26.9H cm) and lightweight (9.71 kilograms) design make this elliptical a fantastic choice for anyone looking to squeeze in a workout in their busy schedules or smaller workspaces.

With the Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Portable Elliptical Machine, you can enjoy a seamless blend of convenience and high-intensity workouts, making it an excellent investment for your health and fitness.

4: ORBITREK MX – Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine

ORBITREK MX - Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine

The ORBITREK MX Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine is an excellent choice for those seeking to incorporate movement into their everyday routines. The compact, lightweight design makes it ideal for multi-tasking – whether that’s reading, watching TV, talking on the phone, or working.

This under-desk elliptical offers a natural, low elliptical motion that enables continuous movement while seated. The gentle elliptical motion is kind on the joints and allows for a pleasant, low-impact workout, making it a good fit for individuals of various fitness levels, including seniors.

What sets this elliptical machine apart are its 8 electric exercise options. It gives users the choice between 3 training modes and 5 speed levels, allowing for a workout customized to individual needs. The ORBITREK MX also comes equipped with a remote for easy control of the machine, adding to the overall workout experience.

This machine does not compromise on comfort, with its extra-wide textured foot pedals designed to prevent slippage and offer optimal comfort. Furthermore, its whisper-quiet movement allows for a peaceful workout environment without disturbing others.

Despite the advanced features, the ORBITREK MX remains a budget-friendly option. Its sleek, compact design ensures it can easily fit anywhere in your home, making it an ideal home gym investment.

However, it is essential to note that the ORBITREK MX should not be used by individuals with pacemakers due to its magnetic resistance mechanism.

In terms of dimensions, it measures at 49.78 x 44.19 x 30.22 cm and weighs 8.03 kilograms, making it a lightweight and convenient option for those seeking to fit exercise into their busy schedules.

In summary, the ORBITREK MX Seated Under Desk Elliptical Machine is a user-friendly, compact, and versatile exercise tool that offers advanced features at an affordable price, making it a worthy contender for your home gym equipment.

5: LifePro Under Desk Elliptical – Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

LifePro Under Desk Elliptical

The LifePro Under Desk Elliptical presents a splendid way to keep fit while performing your daily tasks at your desk or while unwinding at home. This professional-grade under-desk bike allows you to burn calories, decrease stress, and enhance your mood without disrupting your routine.

One standout feature of this product is the free add-ons. The package includes a yoga mat and resistance band for additional workout versatility, as well as caster stoppers to prevent your chair from moving as you pedal. Also included is a tether for securing the elliptical to your chair, demonstrating the brand’s attention to detail.

The LifePro Under Desk Elliptical allows for customizable workouts suitable for beginners and pros alike. The 8-level adjustable resistance feature ensures users can incrementally increase the challenge of their workouts to match their progress.

Workout tracking is made easy with the built-in LCD monitor, allowing users to monitor their workout time, strides, and calories burned. Additionally, the Bluetooth feature allows you to connect your smartphone for an enhanced workout tracking experience.

Constructed with sturdy iron material, this under-desk elliptical measures 46.99 x 57.66 x 32.77 cm and weighs 14 kilograms, offering a stable and durable platform for your workouts. However, its design remains compact and unobtrusive, making it a great fit for any office or home setting.

Last but not least, the LifePro Under Desk Elliptical comes with a lifetime warranty, reflecting the brand’s confidence in the product’s quality and durability. It also offers lifetime support from the company’s ‘guiding angels,’ ensuring that you are never left stranded should you need assistance.

In summary, the LifePro Under Desk Elliptical stands out as an exceptional piece of exercise equipment, combining convenience, versatility, and professional quality. It allows users to maintain a fit and active lifestyle, whether at work or home, making it a worthwhile investment for people of all fitness levels.


With an array of options available, selecting the best under-desk elliptical to suit your needs can be overwhelming. We hope that our guide to the best under-desk ellipticals of 2024 has made your decision-making process simpler and more informed. Remember, the key to achieving and maintaining good health is consistency, and with these fitness machines, you can ensure you’re moving towards a healthier lifestyle, one step at a time.

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